FluiMix™ uses zero pressure drop mixing equipment that is used to improve measurement and blending performance. The FluiMix technology provides exactly the correct degree of mixing energy for a system no matter how much the flow rate or the fluid properties vary. It ensures that any measurement taken by an analyser will be representative and accurate.

For example, in crude oil condensate system where viscosity and density of the crude is very low any water in the crude will settle at the bottom of the pipe and be missed by a density probe, This can add potentially 0.3 –0.4% error if the water content is present in the crude even at small concentrations.It is ideally suited for:

  • FluiDense™:Density Measurement
  • FluiSulf™: Sulphur Measurement
  • Online Salinity
  • FluiVisc:™ Viscosity Measurement and Prediction

FluiMix™ inline sampling and measurement systems generates sufficient mixing at the measurement or sampling point to guarantee completely homogeneous flow throughout the whole of the operating window of process stream. This overcomes any measurement error created by the non-mixed flow and will significantly improve the accuracy of any measurement taken by any analyser:

  • Flow Conditioning – FluiMix™ ensures that the flow conditioning meets API 8.2, ASTM D4177, EP 6.2 and ISO 3171 sampling standards. This ensures that any measurement is made in fully representative flow no matter what the flow rate of the blend. Any water that is not captured in the measurement can add error up to 0.4% however a FluiMix™ is guaranteed to be within 0.025% of the true water content.
  • Flow Proportional Sampling – FluiMix™ Ltd can supply a flow proportional ISOLOK™ API-C cell and ISOLOK™ API-P probe sampling unit (complete with self-change sample cans, self-diagnostic controller and reporting functionality) to ensure compliance to the sampling standards. The sampler technology uses advanced low surface energy coatings and super duplex body construction to significantly improve reliability.
  • Online Fiscal Density Measurement – Online density measurement can be as much as 0.4-8% inaccurate if the densitometer is placed in non-mixed flow. FluiMix™ Ltd includes fiscal densitometers within FluiMix™ sampling loops to ensure that the density is measured accurately.
  • Sulfur Measurement Accuracy – Online sulfur measurement requires the sample to be taken from homogenous flow otherwise the measurement can be out by as much as 0.5%. FluiMix™ Ltd uses Rigaku NEXT units located within the FluiMix™ Analyser/Sampling loop to ensure sulfur is measured accurately from 200 ppm to 6%.
  • Salinity Measurement – Online salinity measurement can only be accurate if the measurement stream is taken from homogenous flow. A FluiMix™ Analyser Loop ensures that whatever salinity analyser technology is used, the measurement stream is representative and fully mixed.
  • B, S and W Measurement – Fully mixed flow is required to ensure that any B, S and W measurement is accurate. The FluiMix™ analysis and sampling loop ensures that B, S and W are measured to the accuracy of the technology chosen.
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Concentration
  • Recent changes to Exposure Levels for H2S by OSHA [1], the WHO and the EU [2] has meant that the concentration of H2S in hydrocarbons is becoming more important. FluiMix can incorporate online H2S monitors in its measurement loop.
  • Zero Pressure Drop and Limitless Turn Down– The FluiMix™ process does not generate any significant pressure drop to the system irrespective of changes in process conditions such as flow rate, density or viscosity. As a result, FluiMix™ offers a significantly greater operating window than other inline static mixer systems.

Please contact our technical department for any help or download our Measurement Brochure.