FluiMix™ uses zero pressure drop mixing equipment that is used to improve measurement and blending performance.

FluiMix™ technology provides exactly the correct degree of mixing energy for a system no matter how much the flow rate or the fluid properties vary. It ensures that any measurement taken by an analyser will be representative and accurate.

For example, in crude oil condensate system where viscosity and density of the crude is very low any water in the crude will settle at the bottom of the pipe and be missed by a density probe, This can add potentially 0.3 –0.4% error if the water content is present in the crude even at small concentrations.

FluiMix™ inline sampling and measurement systems generates sufficient mixing at the measurement or sampling point to guarantee completely homogeneous flow throughout the whole of the operating window of process stream. This overcomes any measurement error created by the non-mixed flow and will significantly improve the accuracy of any measurement taken by any analyser.