Last revision: 26.06.2018

Before you purchase, and use, FluiMix products and services, you consent that we can process personal information about you, and confirm to have read, understood, and agree to the content in this statement.

The privacy statement describes what personal information we collect by visiting our web page, and use of our products and services, and how we treat this.

Moreover, when you visit our websites, we automatically save information about browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), referrals / exit pages, operating system, date / time, clickstream data and other user information as part of our service analysis. This data will not be linked to any other information we collect about you, and is anonymous.

We also use cookies on our web pages for marketing purposes, for the visitor statistics to be reliable and to increase functionality on our web pages. For information about cookies and how these are used, please see our Cookie Policy.

This statement contains detailed information about our subcontractors. We have done this to be transparent. If you do not want to read about these you will find the main content readily available here:

  1. Personal information and responsibility
  2. Subcontractors outside EU
  3. Processing of personal data
  4. Sensitive and confidential personal information
  5. Third party functionality and web pages
  6. Changes to the privacy statement


FluiMix, Pumpe og Kompressor Systemer AS
Lensmannslia 4, 1386 Asker, Norway

Telefon: +47 67 80 69 00

If you have any objection to privacy or use of data that has not been processed satisfactorily, you may also appeal to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

FluiMix is responsible for processing personal information that is made in connection with visit to our web site or ordering, managing our products and services, and contact with our customer service.

FluiMix collect the following personal information to identify and register (1) customer relationship, (2) contacts on the customer relationship, (3) user accounts in our systems:

  1. First name, surname, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.
  2. First name, surname, phone number and e-mail address.
  3. First name, surname, phone number and e-mail address.

As well as to provide services according to the agreement, and perform customer service on request. For security reasons, the IP address used when ordering, administration and use of our services also stored. It is mandatory to disclose personal information unless otherwise stated in this statement, or by the user interface of the services.

The personal information is stored on the server owned and operated by SYSE, and is located to Norway and / or the EU, unless otherwise stated.

FluiMix is required to delete or correct personal information that is incorrect. Personal information that is incorrect or inaccurate will be advertised with information from 3rd party registries, including, but not limited to, postal services, Bring, credit reporting agency (Experian), Brønnøysundregistrene and other public available sources.

New Element – Norway
New Element operates the website for FluiMix.

Syse Data – Norway
Syse operates web hotel for FluiMix web page.

Subcontractors outside EU

Subcontractors outside EU who do not offer storage of data within the EU, have declared compliance with EU-U.S privacy shield frame agreement and U.S-Swiss Safe harbor-frame agreement as determined by the US Department of Commerce, and undertake to submit to all personal data from EU member states the trust that the framework agreement provides, according to the current agreement stated in the frame agreement.

No information is disclosed to third parties without the explicit consent of you, but a subcontractor may transfer data to a third party acting as an agent on their behalf. However, such a transfer cannot happen without complying with the Privacy Shield principles for all subsequent transfer of personal data from the EU, including the provisions on liability for further transfer.

Swiss Safe Harbor-certifications:

If you have any objection to privacy or the use of data that has not been processed satisfactorily, you may contact TRUSTe:

Alternatively, you can contact customer service and let us take the matter for you.

You may also, under certain conditions, as further described on the Privacy Shield website, request binding mediation when other dispute resolution procedure are exhausted.


Personal information is collected for FluiMix to be able to perform the tasks and services we are required to perform in accordance with law, regulation and / or agreement. The processing of personal data is subject to applicable laws and regulation at any time.

Personal data may be disclosed to Third parties that FluiMix cooperate with, both inside and outside the EEA and the EU area in order for us to perform the task and services required to perform under the law, regulation and / or agreement, and in line with this privacy statement.

If there is a statutory duty of disclosure vis-à-vis the public authority, registered personal data will be handled over in accordance with government requirements.

Note that the processing of personal data in relation to specific services and products may be governed by own agreements as provided in our Service Agreement. This includes, but not limited to, domain names and information registered in WHOIS.

Insight and correction

You have access to the information that is registered at any time.

You can contact customer service who will answer your inquiry within 1 hour within normal office hours.

Storage and deletion

Information that is no longer required for the purpose for which they are stored will be deleted on a continues basis.

FluiMix stores personal information about customers in accordance with any applicable law. When you delete or terminate services, any personal information, primarily your contact information, order and invoice history, and copy of correspondence will remain in our registry to the extent necessary to protect legal rights or regulatory requirements for documentation.

Data portability

You are entitled to data portability. This means that you can bring your personal information in a machine-readable format.


We use a combination of physical electronics and procedural safeguards to protect personal data.

Information on your account is password protected. Further, the account’s password is stored with a salted one-way hash algorithm with variable working factor.

All data transfer that occurs over the internet is encrypted. All transactions are processed by pure SSL / TLs industry-standard connection, with minimum 256-bit encryption. However, there is no guarantee that someone may not be able to access such information or that they are not disclosed, altered or corrupted by the use of a firewall or secure server software.

Since no data transfers over the internet are 100% secure, we cannot guarantee or imply the security of any kind of information you send to us.

If FluiMix becomes aware of a violation of one of the security systems, we will notify you in writing by email or SMS so that you can take the necessary protective measures. By using our services or providing us with personal information, you agree that FluiMix will contact you electronically regarding security and privacy issues and administrative issues related to your use of the service.

FluiMix is also obliged to notify a security breach to the Data Inspectorate within 72 hours after we have been informed of the breach.

You are responsible for implementing appropriate security measures when using our services. It includes but is not limited to the use of secure passwords, password encryption, secure retention of encryption keys, installation of security updates for 3rd party software and components, etc.

FluiMix is not responsible for any information you choose to store using our services, and we cannot guarantee consequences as a result of security breaches.


None of FluiMix’s services require sensitive and confidential personal information. The registration of such personal information in FluiMix’s interfaces is not permitted and shall not be disclosed to FluiMix under any circumstances.

In the event that you are asked to submit a copy of your ID, the social security number must be entered.


Our services include in some cases third party features, services, apps, and links, from other vendors and websites where privacy practices may differ from ours. These third-party features can collect your IP address, which page you visit on the site, and they can save a cookie so that third-party features work properly.

Third Party Features can also collect sensitive information, such as financial information (credit cards) to expel purchases of products or services.

If you submit personal information to any of these sites, this information is subject to their privacy policy. We encourage you to read carefully the privacy policy of all web pages you visit before you submit personal information.


Customer agrees that FluiMix reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement on a continuous basis. Significant changes to the Privacy Statement are notified in the same way as significant changes to the Service Agreement.

FluiMix is obliged to notify customer of significant changes. Substantial changes include any conditions that restrict the customer’s rights, or change the parties obligations or rights in general. Notification of significant changes shall be sent by email to the email address specified as the contact address for the customer relationship.