FluiMix™ Ltd has developed zero pressure mixing technology that offers the following benefits to crude oil / condensate sampling and analyzer packages.

FluiMix™ will provide fully homogenous flow for measurement and sampling of Hydro carbons that is fully compliant to the following international standards: API 8.2, ISO 3171, ASTM D4177, IP 6.2, MARPOL IV.

  • Sampling – FluiMix™ Ltd manufactures full sampling systems using our world beating samplers, whether it’s a full “Power Mixing” skid or just a sampling skid Fluimix has the technology to provide you with the highest accuracy results.
  • Flow Conditioning – FluiMix™ ensures that the flow conditioning meets API 8.2, ASTM D4177, EP 6.2 and ISO 3171 sampling standards. This ensures that any measurement is made in fully representative flow no matter what the flow rate of the blend.
  • Fiscal Transfer – FluiMix™ full Power Mixing and Sampling systems can be used at any fiscal transfer point. Giving an accuracy of 0.025%, the system can be used fiscally value any batch of product.