FluiMix™ zero pressure blending technology allows a refinery or crude oil blend facilitate reliability and accurate in online blending. On demand sulphur, density and viscosity blending can all be achieved without the need for expensive, time consuming and inaccurate tank blending.

FluiMix™ will outperform:

  • traditional tank blending
  • ratio blending
  • trim control blending

Temperature Correction: extremely accurate temperature correction technology that recalibrates dynamically in real time and will achieve +/- 1% of the desired viscosity.

Flexibility in Product Range: Allows a wide range and number of end product viscosities to be produced (from high to low viscosity products).

Blending on Sulphur Level: Encompasses unique technology to eliminate the error associated with trace water content for inline sulphur measurement. This allows blending to be accurate to within +/- 300 ppm.

Blending on Viscosity: Controls the viscosity of the blend within +/-1% of the desired viscosity at the desired temperature. If the process needs temperature compensation, FluiMix™ Blending will re-calculate in time.

Controlled Droplet Size: Alters the mixing energy delivered to the system so that a given droplet size can be developed for any flow rate or viscosity condition.