FluiMix™ Ltd has developed FluiMix™, a zero pressure liquid mixing technology that is extremely flexible and is used to deliver controlled mixing energy to whatever fluid system that is to be mixed. FluiMix™ will provide fully homogenous flow for measurement and sampling of Hydro carbons that is fully compliant to the following internaonal standards:

API 8.2, ISO 3171, ASTM D4177, EP 6.2, MARPOL IV

FluiMix™Ltd will guarantee the performance of its sampler and analyser packages to within 0.025% of the true percentage of water present.

FluiMix™ has virtually infinite turn down and is ideal for processes where feedstock quality and properties vary.

The FluiMix™ technology provides exactly the correct degree of mixing energy for a system no matter how much the flow rate or the fluid properties vary.

New pump technology built specifically for FluiMix coupled with patented nozzle technology allows FluiMix to provide controlled mixing for any fluid blend from 0 – 8000 cSt with any phase fraction.

Superior machining capabilities and plasma coating technologies allow standard FluiMix components to be made from 22% chrome as standard instead of older technologies based on stainless steel. FluiMix offers these materials as standard to increase reliability and protect from salt pitting and sulphide cracking that old fashioned samplers suffer from.