FluiMix™ Ltd zero pressure blending technology allows a refinery or crude oil blend facilitate reliability and accurate in online blending. On Demand Sulphur, Density and Viscosity blending can all be achieved without the need for expensive, time consuming and inaccurate tank blending. No longer are blenders need to waste valuable tankage and time inaccurately blending vast quantities of crude. Using FluiBlend™ blender will now be able to BLEND ON DEMAND.

FluiBlend™ will out perform:

  • traditional tank blending
  • ratio blending
  • trim control blending

FluiBlend greatly improved measurement accuracy and therefore blend accuracy. FluiBlend™ will generate ROI with typical payback periods significantly less than 1 year. Improved Accuracy in Blending – The FluiBlend™ technology ensures that the critical blend measurement whether sulphur, density and viscosity is as accurate as possible.